Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mike Sullivan rejoins mentor John Tortorella for World Cup of Hockey

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Columbus, Ohio - accent of Boston booming was officially appeared on Monday inside the temporary 30 to the afternoon of empty Nationwide Arena.
Through the first practice of Team USA in preparation for the middle hockey World Cup, John Tortorella of the head coach stepped back, Penguin coach Mike Sullivan was responsible. Blue track suit and munch the bubble gum and wearing a hat, Sullivan is located them within one of the blue line, shouted instructions for 4-to-4 of the drill in close combat, a bottle of Gatorade 2 was in hand.
Sullivan is taking the baton from Tortorella is Tampa Bay, New York, during their time together in Vancouver, is what have done countless times, but this was different.
Sullivan, waving his arms, Stanley Cup winner, as one slipped back to his original role for voluntary country of hockey program, stick to make a variety of points, because of the drill set the stage.
"I am very honest, miss him," Tortorella, his told of many years of lieutenant and a good friend. "As long as I'm working with him, we miss him. We had a blast together. It is a good thing with him in this kind of situation. "

He turned over the penguins' fortune, Tortorella "as led them to their fourth Stanley Cup, is called the biggest cheerleader" themselves of Mike Sullivan.
They do up to this, but that the Columbus Blue Jackets and Sullivan of Penguin game between the Tortorella is that not would not lack strength, Tortorella was promised. But ice off, there is nothing that can change their relationship.
"It's in stone," Tortorella said.
Sullivan, joined the Tampa Bay Lightning of the staff of Tortorella in 2007, and the pair, New York Rangers, and bonded through a stint with the Vancouver Canucks. After working in player development at the Chicago Black Hawks, Sullivan, he is feeling, Wilkes necessary in order to pave the way of his own as head coach - has accepted a job in the bar of the Penguins' AHL affiliate.
Although two people have been taught with respect to each other, this event, they are dressing, in order to share ideas and some of the meal, we provide a valuable opportunity to cooperate again. This was such as to re-learn how to ride a bike ... for Lance Armstrong.
"I've worked a lot of years with him," Sullivan said. "I know his habit. I know what he is thinking. I have him for my to think the same thing can be said. when I was working with him, I learned a lot from him certainly over the years. I got a lot of his respect as a coach of hockey I have. "
Sullivan, was greeted with a nod from the smile and Tortorella immediately and jumped on the ice in front of a few minutes a day in the afternoon. They take a few laps together, chatting.
However, his voice unlike ice attitude of Sullivan of Pittsburgh sound off the top of the wall of the Consol Energy Center, Sullivan, was left in the background of the first part of practice.
I spoke of Sullivan only when the player is approaching. Many, too, it was. And why to grasp was not difficult.
As coach of "defending Stanley Cup, he will carry a lot of weight," Winnipeg Jets captain Blake Wheeler says. "Us good luck and great staff to have a person like him in it good luck have. "

Ryan McDonough was to play for the "Sally" in his career with the early Rangers as "tort". According to McDonough, now Rangers captain, Monday practice, he was a lot of bets about the same was experienced in Broadway.
"Up-tempo, good pace, a lot of shots, to get your legs back, many of the moving parts at a time," McDonough said. "And watching pleasure of its passing again it's was fun. "
For Sullivan, too.
Coaching Team USA staff is also, Jack Capuano, Scott Gordon, and Phil Housley old Wilkes - contains a bar / Scranton head coach John Hines. While others run the drill, in fact, during one particular moment, Sullivan, Tortorella and Hines has discussed something on the whiteboard.
"To you at any time, with some real intelligent people, have the opportunity to become a member of the coaching staff like this one, it's a great opportunity to learn," he told the Sullivan said . "We are dealing with the best players in the world. For me, to be able to share the coaching staff and the idea that we have, is a great opportunity. I want to work with these people in order, enjoy these possibilities. "
This is, however, it was not all serious. Left about 10 minutes, Tortorella is called everyone in your circles that stretch, began to say something to Sullivan. After a few seconds, Sullivan began to laugh, got off his head.
No one Tsu Taka to divulge a lot after practice, but seemed to be no shortage of fun.
"He's always joking with me," Sullivan said. "There is a constant joke to go back and forth."
A large part of it too may be is. David Backes has experience playing with Tortorella · & Sullivan coach team in the world championship. Their accent, for one, he will laugh.
"They have the same kind of talk goofy," Backes said. "It's my new living in Boston now, going to be a regular on a daily basis."
After that, he became serious. Regardless of the user that is fading in the major's or background, closeness of Tortorella and Sullivan, it is clear to the players.
And, it's never a bad thing.
"They successfully work together," Backes said. "They, the same ideal and have a lot. Can it's cohesion, it will be down filtered by the whole team."

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