Saturday, September 17, 2016

Why the World Cup of Hockey, which starts Saturday, is a big deal

World CUp of Hockey Jersey

Toronto: The first World Cup of hockey in a dozen years, is set to open to all kinds of bells and whistles Saturday the world of the center of Canada hockey Jersey.

So far six countries and two continents, which are assembled in one tournament, and the NHL of up to eight teams to represent the collection of talent, is set to try to put the World Cup of hockey back to the radar of international hockey you have.

Consider this: 8 out of the 184 players on the roster, 169 played the last season of the NHL. The other two, team North American Auston Matthews and Finland Patrick Rain performs the number 1 and 2 in the draft of the end of June, there is a possibility to play this season in the NHL.

Joint NHL, players in the tournament of the National Hockey League Players Association sponsored, to play the game of 73299 NHL regular season, have been combined in order to have a total of 47 Stanley Cup championships to their credit.

Tampa Bay Lightning, and the representatives of the eight teams 7, leads the team of participation to 12 of that player and all of the NHL. Ryan Callahan? If you did not withdraw from the Team USA of injury, it would have been 13. Thunder head coach John Cooper is also the coach of associate with the team in North America.

Speaking of teams in North America, it has quickly become the darling of the tournament. Many believe that a highly skilled player of the collection from the United States and less than 24-year-old Canadian has the goods to advance to the removed portion of the tournament.

Team in North America, including Connor McDavid team captain Edmonton Oilers and Jack Eichel, Do you provide a flock of players who represent the future of the game? of? Buffalo Sabres.?The duo represents the top two picks in the draft of 2015. McDavid, 19, since Sidney Crosby arrived in more than 10 years ago, has been hailed as the largest of the young talent to participate in the NHL.

Team North America is a young, but does it boast the winner of two Stanley Cup in Brandon Saad of the Columbus Blue Jackets and goal keeper,? He backstopped Matt Murray, the Pittsburgh Penguins to the Cup in June.

The tournament, two of the four pools in the team round robin play; you start with (Sweden, Finland, Russia, Canada is a North American group B, the United States, the Czech Republic, Group A constituting Europe). Top two teams of each group and the first team to play the second place team from the opposite pool, go to the semi-finals. The winner of their first game of the semi-finals are scheduled to meet in the best-of-3 finals.

Pool play, the United States national team, (3 o'clock 30 minutes to pm ET morning on ESPN2) team in Europe, will start Saturday for another hybrid team featuring players from the European countries of the non-competitive. Team Canada? It opens against the Czech Republic on Saturday (8 pm on ESPNEWS).

In qualifying, follow the standard NHL regular season protocol. When the score is connected to the end of regulation, 5 minutes, there is a 3-to-3 overtime. If anyone has scored in OT, the game is determined by the PK game. Team will accumulate 2 points to one point for the overtime and shootout loss with any kind of victory. They will be reflected in the use tiebreaking process in order to determine the team to advance to the qualifying events team that is tied to the point after three qualifying so it is good victory of regulation.

Until the resolution in the game 5-on-5 play of overtime, no matter how much is in the playoffs of the rule of the NHL there are times when it is applied, entered into force in the semifinals, it will be in the final.

Heading into the game, there are a lot of story to watch.

The host Canadians disengaged because of injury, all of the people of Jeff Carter, Jamie Ben, Tairasegan and Duncan Keith, will be without. guess what? It does not matter. Canadians are loaded, and they Montreal Canadiens that you are trying to return to come in off the execution of his second Stanley Cup of Pittsburgh Crosby, and from him to the injury of the core body that require the majority of last season It has been led by goalkeeper Carey Price.

23 people 1 goalkeeper from the roster of each team, 1 because the defense and there is no 1 front of the dress, the largest of the decision faced by Mike Babcock of team Canada's head coach, might be for people to scratch for each game not.

Even though they become without Henrik Zetterberg and Alexander Steen, Swede to be present in the competition is a complete team. Russians, led by longtime teammate Evgeni Malkin of the Washington Capitals captain Alex au Bechikin and Crosby, is explosive.

The player eight teams not included in other ways to represent the European countries Europe, we got off to the start of a rocky before rebounding to win their final pretournament game on top of the Sweden. Europe has completed the combination of the eighth father and son to participate in the Canada Cup / World Cup of hockey competitions, among other things, it should be noted for. Front skilled Edmonton Oilers Leon Draisaitl planing his father for Germany in the 1996 tournament, the Peter, of the following.

As the United States national team, it is scoring champion from the 2015 16 NHL, hard-line, led by MVP Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks, it is a group of veteran. Stanley Cup winner Jonathan Quick of the two-time Los Angeles Kings will get the start in goal. Team USA, after the semen victory more than Canada in the 1996 World Cup in 20 years hockey, we want to rebound from screening disappointing in the 2014 Sochi Olympics or. ?

Each team has a 3 pretournament game. Result If you say one thing to us, it is that can not be counted out in the team is fully executed. Each squad is not went undefeated none won at least one game, and.

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