Monday, September 26, 2016

Team Europe Upsets Sweden in World Cup of Hockey Semifinal

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TORONTO - Canada is in the final of the World Cup of Hockey Jersey, which is a surprise.

The shock is that his opponent is not Sweden or Russia, which are major powers of hockey, but the team Scrappy Europe.

Team Europe was an experiment by the N.H.L. and N.H.L. Players Association, the merger of the players from Slovakia, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Norway and France.

Although more excitement in the tournament was created by the North American team of American and Canadian players 23 years and under, this team did not pass the group stage. In the absence of pressure to win, Team Europe has found success playing loose and relaxed.

Tatar scored the winner on the threshold of 3 minutes Henrik Lundqvist 43 seconds into overtime. He was a thorn in the side of Lundqvist after beating 12 seconds of the third period to put Europe up 2-1 after Lundqvist, the Rangers goalie, mismanaged original photograph of Tatar.

"I took the puck very late, and it handcuffed me," said Lundqvist, adding that the shot had crossed the legs of a teammate.

Captain Los Angeles Kings Anze Kopitar, who contributed two assists, said the team face another challenge against Canada, who is undefeated.

"We will try to change that," said Kopitar. "Do we think it is feasible? Yes of course."

Team Europe - with an average age over 30, making it the oldest team in the tournament - began with a shocking 3-0 victory over the United States.

This victory had roots that precede the tournament, while Europe ran in a fast-skating, entertaining North American team in meetings back-to-back. Through four periods, Team Europe lagged 9-1, then coach Ralph Krueger delivered a message.

"If you're a loser and you do not have character, you reduce, and if you are in charge of nature like us, you come together," Krueger said. "He clarified what we should do, and commitment to do so was born. "

Krueger has always said that Canada should be the favorite, especially after Brad Marchand, with two goals and Sidney Crosby, with three points, carried the team to victory over Russia.

"It'll take something magical for anyone to get them out of the tournament," he said.

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