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World Cup Of Hockey Notes: U.S. Wins, Toews-Kesler And More

It displays some of the exciting preparation game of next week's start ahead of the World Cup of Hockey Jersey

Everyone there was no reason to become apparent, which was worried about some of the great players drop out of the hockey World Cup. Exhibition that has occurred prior to the scheduled start date of the cup (September 17), if any of the display, we are in for some exciting hockey.

The exhibition as went into full swing, quite a number of things took place Thursday and Friday.

Team in North America, was found to be in the group that you want to fear the early 4-0 rout of Team Europe. Young people, in the following all 23 years old, I put three goals in five minutes of the span to blitz the likes of Josi and Zdeno Chára of Rome. Ryan Nugent Hopkins and Johnny Gaudreau, each once while Ryan Macchi drinking, found the back twice net.

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There team in North America, but there was a suspicion would be fun to watch, it is, the group was not sure would be immune from shrinking under immediate mesh or international spotlight,. So far, however, everything is good in their faces.

And, there was a last night of the game

Of course, is anyone really wanted to take a look at the team the United States for the team Canada on Friday of the exhibition of their own. It was that the results are surprising.

It is widely used in team USA, select a number of man of questionable character to choose the roster (AKA grit of guys), it was considered the result as a crime had to spoil a bit of a stunt.

This is, in the exhibition victory stacking Canada 4-2 was not seen. However, that what has been seen, there were many on both sides of the fire and anger.

First, we'll start from the goal decision. Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane, to cancel the goal, has been added to help his first action as a replacement captain for the team. Captain Joe Pavelski is, I did the same thing for the Americans.

He is a follow-up to the shot, because of the injury, came Kane goals when you strike carry price was making his first start, the pack past a considerable time.

Of course, the game is now about more than the target

As I mentioned above, the United States, unfortunately, chose some of the unpleasant character to wear the jersey.

Black Hawks

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More news in the Black Hawk up

Two of them gave the effect not so good in the exhibition against Canada.
David Backes is the original team-mate Alex Pietrangelo, while maintaining the Backes "things clean in the booming hit on one of the other former team-mate, I could not help myself from it is goofy.

T.J. because he will be able to convert the goal of the PK game, Oshie is seen as a gift of God to humanity, it was quite boarded the mean Logan Couture. He is OK, couture although seemed to come out of it, I went from my head to the board as a result.

More play was more attention, however, the person who everyone's favorite over-reaction in the Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews and Ryan Kessler was involved.

Kessler, and re-test his much larger, by general boarding, theory, much angrier Shea Weber "is a human being decided to the not be able to withstand a lot of hits." Weber, clear the cobwebs, but was trying to get the number of his hit car, Toews took the chance to work on Kessler in ice.

It is, at least Toews favorite antagonist ... secret Toews is not hated Kessler Kessler, and. It is unfortunate Toews has been caught up in it, he also, in particular as an alternative captain, I had an obligation to stand up for his teammates.

Injury stupid injury versus hockey

I would hurt is part of the World Cup of Hockey, and the fans need to be willing to accept it for the growth of the game and the NHL, like us, together yesterday on its way Place the post in.

Any kind of injury can occur in the play, such as commit Oshie or Kessler, however, it is a completely different scenario. These are, playing hockey, some of the coach, the fans still do not have is much the same and I think they are.

The latter is apparently when was injured in an exhibition Thursday Jacob Trouba might have gotten a little dirty and Marian attack. However, it is not clear enough to stunt pulled Oshie and Kessler. Someone (I "please be careful not to say" fellow star players) before the hurt they are star players, you need to place these people in check.

NEXT: Kane will face the pressure of the World Cup of Hockey
In addition to these unfortunate action, however, the World Cup of Hockey, got off to a start of a roar - and we do not even have got to still count the game. Fan, you will want to catch as much as possible they.

In fact, in a positive note in order to complete this post, here there is something that had the fans on Friday bustling Black Hawks.

Really happened Niklas Hjalmarsson Eric Carlson (blue) versus (yellow) ... Yes, 😱🔥😂 / FqPAb73oSG

- Tumblr of hockey (@TumblrHockey_) 9 September 2016
It is pantsing Blackhawks defense two class Hjalmarsson a multi-time Norris Trophy winner Eric Carlson in the corner. It's ... it's just amazing.

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